Mini-documentary on D.C.’s Vacation Rental Economy

September 25, 2017 / Comments (0)


Presenting a new video that highlights the benefits that vacation rentals bring to the D.C. economy and community. The documentary includes a local homeowner and two small business owners who discuss why City Council must protect vacation rentals in the city. Share your thoughts with us!

“We created this video in hopes that D.C. City Council will craft policies that recognize that short-term rentals are more than just a lodging option for travelers,” said William Bruner, DCSTRA Co-Chair. “Traditional whole-home vacation rentals are interwoven into our communities and our local economy, and many D.C. residents rely on them to make ends meet and keep their businesses thriving.”

“There’s a bigger picture to vacation rentals that D.C. City Council can’t overlook,” said Dia Michels, DCSTRA Co-Chair. “We are working with Councilmembers to implement fair regulations, but we want to make sure that the regulations don’t stifle economic opportunity.”

The video showcases three local stories:

  • Long-time D.C. resident Dia Michels shares how renting her second home on Barracks Row has allowed her the financial security and flexibility to care for her family.
  • Business owner Jose Luis Ventura explains how vacation rentals allowed him to grow his business and create jobs, and how overregulating these rentals would hurt the families of the 16 employees whom he employs.
  • Business owners and entrepreneurs Jamah and Kevin describe how vacation rentals serve families and bring tourism dollars to more D.C. neighborhoods.

As D.C. City Council considers Councilman Kenyan McDuffie’s “Short-Term Rental Regulation and Affordable Housing Protection Act of 2017,” DCSTRA hopes this video helps to guide updates to the legislation so that is fair and works for all groups involved, including owners of non-owner occupied vacation rentals.

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